Compare. Collect. Convert.

You’re thinking of enhancing your cupboard space and land on this California Closets website. Which of the websites would you be more inclined to sign up for-

Image vs video
Two alternate California Closets websites. Source: Gardner, 2012

If you chose B you would have been in the minority. Numerous more signed up on version A of the website.

Is there really much difference? Yep – a 439% difference of clickthroughs (source).

This is one example of A/B testing, a trial of two alternate versions of digital content to see which one more positively influences customer behaviour.

A/B testing is a powerful tool for digital marketers. It’s value comes from quantitative results, which allows marketers to identify areas of improvement for a campaign in a rapid time frame. Subsequently, this can lead to more click throughs, sign ups, sales conversions etc.

Sony used AB testing
Many companies use A/B testing, such as Sony.  Source: Optimizely, 2017

Despite the potential A/B testing has, only 52% of companies test their home pages to determine whether it can be improved. (source)

“Regardless of your budget or overall objectives, measurement and testing is an essential component of effectively optimising digital marketing activity and its conversion rate”
Source: Digital Marketing Institute, 2017

A/B testing can be used for enhancing the response of not just websites, but other digital content such as
– Email marketing
– Apps
– Pay Per Click advertising

Second, it is important to only change one element when performing A/B testing. Do not change multiple as you will not be able to derive effective results.

If you are looking at doing this for your own website, Google AdWords is the way to go.

Had you heard of A/B testing? Why do you think most businesses don’t use this to improve their home page?

Contribute to the sound of this digital marketing topic and comment your thoughts below!


9 thoughts on “Compare. Collect. Convert.

  1. Isn’t it amazing how just by tweaking the layout of a website can increase online purchases by 20%?!
    To be honest with you I think that A/B testing is one of the most powerful tools a marketer can use in today’s digital age.
    To answer your question, I’m not sure why business don’t use A/B testing to improve their home page.
    Business may think they know what attracts their consumers but I don’t think that’s enough to stay ahead of competition and remain actively engaged with the needs and desires of their consumers. To make sure your assumptions about your consumers are still valid, it is soooooo important to run tests like A/B testing….even if just to prove you got it right.


  2. It can definitely make a huge difference alright!
    Do you think they aren’t aware of it? That’s what I think! Surely. Otherwise if they know what it is/are aware and don’t use it, they could not be more silly!


  3. Interesting! Perhaps the whole test seems pointless to businesses/they are unaware of A/B testing, when really it is such a simple and effective way to gain an understanding of what works best for business websites! More businesses should definitely utilise this technique.


    1. Businesses would have to be unaware of this, otherwise it makes no sense to me why they wouldn’t use it! I agree with you, more businesses should definitely utilise this technique


  4. This would never have crossed my mind. I usually believe in the mentality if someone wants to sign up then they will. I guess there is an industry in social marketing for a reason!


  5. Before knowing A/B testing, I wouldn’t even notice the difference in them. Now realising how powerful they might be, I think this is a great way for more websites to experiment on and increase their click through!


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