The Ripple Effect of the YouTube Boycott

Multinationals have recently become aware that their advertisements are appearing alongside extremist videos, thus a boycott has occurred against YouTube.

This has now infested all around the world with countless big names (some featured in the image below) all pulling their online marketing from the medium.

YouTube-Ad-Controversy-Boycott-BrandsJust a handful of the brands currently boycotting YouTube. Source: Mediakix 2017

This crisis has led to the first ever digital media advertising decline in eight years, with Google set to lose around $750 million in advertising revenue (source)

This doesn’t just effect Google however, but ripples through the whole market.

Everyday, around ONE BILLION hours of video are watched on YouTube (source).

giphy (4)Shock. Source: Giphy 2017

I know right!

Therefore, brands are losing countless online impressions daily via this boycott. If brand awareness drops, consequently it is likely their sales will too.

In response to the boycott, Google’s Chief Business Officer Phillip Schindler has reassured stakeholders that they are working on a device with the potential to uncover five times the amount of unsafe brand content (source).

This sounds all well and good, but what about producing a device that can uncover ALL unsafe content? Schindler’s response-

“Cutting away the ability for brands to truly interact with consumers by asking for one hundred per cent safety is very, very, very unrealistic,”
Google’s Chief Business Officer, Phillip Schindler.
Source: Bloomberg, 2017

So in summary, brands will never be 100% safe from negative content when using YouTube as a digital marketing medium. But as previously mentioned, the amount of impressions being lost without using YouTube is not a decision to take lightly.

What do you think will happen once this boycott dies down? Is it worth the risk for brands to continue using YouTube if they aren’t totally safe?

Contribute to the sound of this digital marketing issue and comment your thoughts below!


6 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect of the YouTube Boycott

  1. Im sure youtube will make all efforts to ensure trust from brand, they are definitely trying to implement strategies to ensure adverts are not being shown near inappropriate content. Youtube is such a big avenue for marketing, brands will probably end the boycott once the issue is fixed and things should go back to normal. If not, it will be interesting to see what youtube does!


  2. Definitely I agree. I don’t think this boycott will last long! Brands are losing out on far too much exposure. However I do think this whole boycott is silly. Because now having been admitted by Google, that no brand is ever and will ever be, 100% safe, it defeats the purpose of the whole thing


  3. I had no idea that all of those companies have recently boycotted YouTube! That’s crazy!
    In recent years, YouTube has emerged as a dominant source of referral for major brands. Although companies are cautious that their brand’s advertisement can be associated with an extremist video, I have faith that YouTube will develop strategies and try their best to ensure that these adverts will not be shown with inappropriate content.


  4. I know right! It has definitely escalated to such a high level. I think so too, they are losing out on far too much revenue to not develop the best solution to this problem.


  5. It’s astounding to read that so many big brand companies are boycotting YouTube, a medium which would bring companies a vast amount advertising! Personally, I think the boycott will end soon, as the big corporations would gain a significant revenue from viewers watching these advertisements. The number of non-extremist videos advertising these big brands would FAR outweigh the amount of revenue lost from such advertisements appearing in extremeist videos.


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