Don’t ‘Google it’. Try something different…

Rather than ‘google it’, have you ever ‘Dog Piled it’ or ‘Yandexed it’ ?

Neither. Because Google is a powerhouse, constituting 80% of desktop market share searches and a whopping 95.85% of mobile/tablet market share searches (source). Practically nobody uses the alternatives.

A tempting alternative however, is DuckDuckGo.

ddgSource: DuckDuckGo, 2017

Yes it sounds weird. But hear me out. Well… read me out.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t store any personal information about it’s users. No search histories, IP addresses or cookies.

ddg promisesSource: DuckDuckGo, 2017

“At DuckDuckGo, no cookies are used. This is a very unusual practice… Many search engines actively use this information to show you more targeted advertising”
Source: DuckDuckGo, 2017

Google on the otherhand, makes a lot of revenue from this. Storing your search history enables them to target specific advertisements toward you. Using DuckDuckGo allows you to escape this creepiness and restore yourself with some privacy in your online interests.

There is also much fewer advertisements on DuckDuckGo than Google. As a result, your searches will be more organic, rather than paid for by digital marketers, hoping you will click on their sites.

Compare these two identical searches of ‘used cars’.

google ads Source: Google, 2017

As indicated, the top four links are Paid Search Advertising.

ddg adsSource: DuckDuckGo, 2017

DuckDuckGo however, has only one result that is paid for.

If consumers use a search engine like DuckDuckGo instead of Google, not only will the search engine market be more competitive, it will significantly reduce the amount of digital marketing efforts consumers are exposed to- targeted or paid search advertising.

But would you opt out of using Google or are you too accustomed to it? Contribute to the sound of this digital marketing topic by commenting below.

P.s. DuckDuckGo is available from the App store, Play store and Windows store or through


6 thoughts on “Don’t ‘Google it’. Try something different…

  1. Wow! I tried using Duckduckgo for a little bit, I have to say the experience is really special, the page being all clean and free from ads. As a user that’s got so used to Google’s page, this will be a good alternative when I’m too tired of seeing ads all over the page and taking up spaces of organic results. Pretty sure if users of DuckDuckGo increases, brands might have to rely on advertising on other platforms other than PPC on search engines.

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  2. Exactly! It’s actually quite decent! I tried quite a few others like yahoo and ask jeeves but their search results were pretty low quality. DuckDuckGo is surprisingly decent and a lot of other people have written articles about it!
    I agree. They would definitely have to. But I think majority of people are so accustomed to google that it is very unlikely there will be change. At least anytime soon!


  3. So we all have to try DuckDuckGo now! Super interesting! I did not know Google stores any of my information, but now thinking about it, when I switch between my Monash Student ID and my personal page, it does seem like the ads that come up are different.


  4. I’ve never actually thought about using another platform to search, I guess because Google is a habit. My first reaction reading this was… will I get the same quality information if I use another platform? I don’t know if that just shows how powerful Google is or if it would be an actual problem? From the examples you posted, there were still decent results!


  5. For sure! Using Google is second nature, it was such a habit to break when I was attempting to use something different! There definitely was decent results- would recommend 🙂
    Especially if you hate targeted advertising!


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