Forget cleaning my room, cleaning my inbox is worse!

Slow walkers. People with no manners. But primarily, one of my biggest pet peeves is email marketing.

I don’t care that there’s a 24 hour vino frenzy. I’ve already been to Bali once why are you emailing me to go back again I’m not interested!

As an experiment for this blog, I avoided my email for 7 solid days. Exactly one week later, I logged into this-

compressed email smapScreenshot of my inbox. Source: Outlook 2017

Yep. 245 unread emails. 35 a day. Majority of which is spam -.-

giphy (1)
Facepalm. Source: Giphy 2017

As far as I was originally concerned, email marketing couldn’t possibly be an effective tool. However research by the marketing agency Clutch found that email marketing actually has the highest return on investment for marketers! Furthermore, the Content Marketing in Australia: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report found that email is the most important tactic used by marketers and is critical to the success of their campaigns!

Importance of email to marketing success. Source: Content Marketing Institute/ADMA

Jenkins states that email marketing provides numerous benefits that outweigh other marketing methods such as-
– It’s impact can be easily tracked
– Increases brand awareness
– Can easily targeted and personalised

Email marketing may be ‘long in the tooth’, but it continues to be a leading marketing technique for both B2B and B2C markets (source). As long as it is done appropriately however…

Sending too many emails becomes irritating, make sure to have an unsubscribe button as many do not, and lastly do not email me if the content is not relevant to me!

Once this is all taken into account- I may be less inclined to hit delete without reading, and more inclined to open the email and potentially contribute to high returns that email brings organisations.

Are you as bothered by email marketing as I am? Or have you had positive purchasing experiences with email marketing efforts?
Contribute to the sound of digital marketing and post your thoughts and opinions below.


14 thoughts on “Forget cleaning my room, cleaning my inbox is worse!

  1. Emails are one of the most direct way to connect with customers or other businesses as they can directly reply to the marketers if they are interested, but geez, still it’s really annoying to receive more than 20 email ads a day, people may directly delete them without even seeing them. This might be a little bit dangerous for those marketers that want to continue advertising don’t you think?


    1. Correct! And thats exactly what I do- delete them without even reading them.
      So its definitely dangerous for those marketers if they want to continue this method!
      Do you receive this many? Or am I getting completely spammed? 😛

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  2. I totally understand your pain. I’m planning a trip to Europe, and seriously do not stop messaging me! I delete without a doubt. I think the biggest problem is the relentlessness. I’m much more likely to open the email if I didn’t get at least one daily! Great post 🙂

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    1. I know right! They are super annoying!
      Thank you! I’d love to take a look at your blog but it’s saying it is private 😦
      Maybe change your settings so it’s on public then I can read yours too! 🙂

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  3. Email marketing can be effective if it is monitored and targeted at specific people with interests pertaining to the marketed product. I feel that marketers should keep track of their target markets and only send emails regarding their products if the consumer has a history of purchasing such products. If not, just like you said, it becomes more of a nuisance than a smart marketing strategy.


  4. Wow! 35 marketing emails a day is just ridiculous! I had an interesting experience recently where I was able to decide exactly how many emails I wanted to receive as I signed up to a brand’s emailing list. I think this sort of customisation is crucial for the future of email marketing – the last thing a brand wants to be perceived as is ‘annoying’!!!


  5. Ridiculous indeed!
    Exactly. But maybe they don’t perceive it that way. And as said in the lecture, the cost of sending spam is so small, needing such a small percentage of click throughs to earn a profit. So to them I’m probably just a drop in the ocean


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